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Ultimate Dream Properties has a carefully selected and curated selection of off-plan properties, designed with modern features and the latest technologies. Be ahead of the curve by choosing from a wide range of floor plans, locations, and exclusive incentives before these properties become available on the open market.

The Benefits of off-plan

Discover the best reasons for investing in Off-Plan Properties in the UAE.

Attractive Prices

Off-plan properties are often available at lower prices compared to completed properties as developers offer competitive prices during the early stages of a project to attract buyers and generate capital. This can present an opportunity for investors to purchase a property at a lower cost and potentially earn substantial returns in the future.

Customisation & Personalisation

Buying off-plan allows investors to benefit from potential capital appreciation as the property develops and the market value increases over time. The emirate’s real estate market saw a 17.78% increase in volume compared to the same period in June 2022. Investing early on can potentially yield higher returns when the property is completed, and the market appreciates.

Potential Capital Appreciation

The UAE's strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and thriving economy make it an appealing destination for local and international buyers. This is contributing to off-plan property appreciation and investors can leverage this growth potential to secure potentially lucrative returns on their investments over time. Jan 23 reported that off-plan property sales values in Dubai had increased by 144% on the previous year. There are no signs of slow down according to Deloitte Real Estate Predictions 2023, Dubai Market Review.

Modern Infrastructure & Amenities

The UAE is renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and luxurious amenities. Buying off-plan gives you the chance to secure a property in a newly developed project that incorporates the latest designs, technology, and facilities. Developers often focus on providing a wide range of amenities to attract buyers, making off-plan properties an appealing choice.

Payment Flexibility

Developers typically offer flexible payment plans for off-plan properties, making it easier for buyers to manage their finances. These plans often include instalment-based payments, stretching over the construction period or even beyond completion. Such flexibility can be advantageous for investors, as it allows them to spread out the payments and plan their finances accordingly.

Investment Potential

The UAE's real estate market has shown resilience and has been a preferred destination for international investors. Buying off-plan properties can provide an opportunity for long-term investment, rental income, or resale. Dubai's growing population, booming tourism industry, and strong economy make it an attractive market for property investment.

Early Access & Priority

When purchasing off-plan, buyers are among the first to secure units in a new development. This can provide a higher chance of selecting prime units with desirable views, locations, or floor plans. Additionally, developers often provide priority access to off-plan buyers for subsequent project phases or related amenities, giving them an advantage over those entering the market later. Ultimate Dream Properties will help you conduct thorough research, as we only partner and work with reputable developers, and a wide network of professionals before you make any investment decisions.

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Negotiating Better Prices

One of the main advantages of buying off-plan is that developers often offer discounts or incentives to early buyers. As specialist brokers we have done the hard work and sourced some of the best properties around from some of the leading developers in the region.

By purchasing a property before it is completed, you may be able to enjoy the benefit of securing a lower price compared to buying a completed property already on the open market.


The Advantages of Being an Early Buyer

Being an “early buyer” allows you to have first pick of the available units or lots in a development. You can choose the location, view, floor plan, or any specific features you desire before they are sold to others.

Our relationship with developers and knowledge of the best units available in developments means you’ll be able to make an informed choice to meet with your financial objectives.

Collaborating with the Best

We conduct careful research on our partners and only work with developers with extremely good reputations and outstanding track records. By uniting forces with exceptional partners and developers, Ultimate Dream Properties’ diligence means we can assist you with all aspects before you make your off-plan purchase.

Now is the Perfect Time To Invest In Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market exhibited remarkable growth during Q1 2023, defying global economic uncertainties. 30,898 sales valued at AED 20 billion, were completed during the period, representing a 6% quarterly increase and a 51% year-on-year surge.

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UDP provided exceptional service and support throughout my Dubai off-plan property purchase. One of the most impressive aspects of their service was their extensive knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and the range of developers to choose from. They introduced me to a variety of off-plan projects that matched my requirements perfectly, making the decision-making process a lot easier for me.
Robert S.
As a first-time buyer in the Dubai property market, I was initially apprehensive about the complexities of purchasing off-plan properties. However, Ultimate Dream Properties provided me with a smooth and streamlined experience. They guided me through the entire process, from choosing the right property to navigating the legal procedures, all with utmost efficiency.
Sarah B.
The outstanding level of customer service didn't end with the property purchase. I was given valuable assistance and guidance after agreeing the purchase. It's evident that their commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the transaction itself.

I now own a stunning off-plan property in Abu Dhabi that perfectly aligns with my aspirations.
Alexander F.

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